Ink. Paint. Steel. Flowers. Yarn. What do they have in common? ART!

It is amazing what you can do!

About Us

Our Family

Cunninghamsart is a family oriented business.

    Hi. My name is Linda and I would like to tell you a bit about my family, starting with my mom.  

     Jane is an accomplished muscian who can play the guitar, the bass and sing like an angel. But her talents do not end there. She is also a yarn artist. She teaches knitting and crocheting at her local library. She has even tried her hand at tatting lace. Her current passion is spinning her own yarn on a book charkha

     My sister Barbara  plays the violin as well as the Barry saxophone and the alto sax and sang in the choir. 

     She proudly served 20 years in the United State Air Force and she is a floral artist. She started in high school and has the honor of saying at 16 she was hired to do the arrangements for a wedding. Currently she devotes her time to her grand children and making wreaths. 

     My brother Kevin played clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet and the drums.

     He has had a lifelong passion for building things and is a steel fabriction artist. His current projects include a stand up snow machine and electric bicycles.

       I am the youngest and I too am a musician and an artist. I played the violin and the viola in my school's orchestra for 6 years. In both high school and collage I studied interior design and obtained my Associate's Degree. I later went on to get a Bachelor's Degree in history, but I never gave up on my artistic side.

     These days I am a contamination artist focusing on ink and paint.

     The family talent did not end with me. My nieces and nephew carry the torch.

     My nephew Adrian is an athlete, coach and choreographer who has been around the world competing in cheerleading, taking dozens of first place trophies. He was given the opportunity to perform with Cirque ddu Soleil; And he is a phenomenal artist who works with pencil, chalk and charcoal. 

     My niece Leah is retired from the Army having served in Koreaa and Iraq. She too was a college athlete before joining the military to proudly follow her mother's foot steps. She is the mother of two very active boys. She joins our artistic line up by restoring and repurposing furniture.

     My sister's youngest is Lacey. She is currently a  teacher and working on getting her Doctorate in education. Her dream is to teach in a deaf school as she hahad learned sign language at an early aage.

     Like her sister she often works with furnature needing a face lift. She delights in creating one of a kind pieces that encourage her students to excel.

     Last but not least, is Kevin's daughter Danielle. She has started off with sculpture but soon moved to the culinary arts. She has created her own line of jams and barbecue sauces. Having numerous scholarships for business she should do well. In the mean time she is mother of two delightful children whom I hope one day join our list of artists.

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